Live Green and Earn Points


  • Steven S. 18 days ago
    Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2021
  • John D. 6 months ago
    Guilty as charged.
  • RANDY F. 6 months ago
    << Fess up! Have you become a “Green Hoarder” with anything? Share your story in the comments below… and tell us how you finally got rid of your stash <<

    As mentioned other places here, I was saving meticulously folded large & medium cardboard shipping boxes for borough recycling. When I had a good pack saved I leaned them against the recycling can full of glass, plastic, and metal, with my paper bags full of neatly stacked papers. Slightly O.C.D. but proud of myself.
    Early the next morning I witnessed the haulers throwing the folded boxes on the other side of my driveway where I keep the landfill deposits. Paying for this "service" I call the borough office to see what's the haps and all she suggested I cram cardboard in the recycle bin as well since union haulers no longer take anything outside the can and to stack newspaper bundles on top as well.
    I sometimes see exceptions to the rules but I stick to what will be hauled off AND properly. Driving folded & cut up cardboard to designated collection points in the county.
    • John D. 6 months ago
      Has to be in the cart here too, but I can take loose stuff to their drop-off site.
    • Susan S. 6 months ago
      I may have a problem hoarding railroad finds especially spikes. I find a lot while cleaning a local river I've adopted. I have gotten rid a several by using them in projects around the house, made hooks with some, and gave a bit to a friend that is a novice blacksmith. He made me a very cool knife out of a spike.
  • bunni r. 10 months ago
    56 days ago
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    Is anyone familiar with Hoffman IT Co? There is a reward in the magazine section for one year of computer support ( 1000 points.) Anyone?
    • RANDY F. 10 months ago
      Nope, not familiar but there there's probably a Big Catch to it . . . Like a second year for full price or auto subscribe for future years. Is there a required PC / Mac required?

      To me, unfortunately, most things aren't worth the stress. Read everything first.
    • Barbara W. 6 months ago
      I tried to call this site to inquire about the reward but of course, they didn't return the call ( the recording says they will ). I just thought "forget it" and let it go!
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