Live Green and Earn Points


  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    I wish it were that easy to just opt to use a bike or public transport. I loved it when I lived in NYC where almost everyone uses public transport, but out here in LA, Drivers AIM for cyclists and pay NO attention to their right to be on the road which forces them onto the sidewalk, which is also bad. We need to urge our legislatures on a weekly basis to do something about making the roadways more Cycle friendly and to time the crosswalk lights so a normal person can make it across.
  • Alma G. 7 years ago
    In my home country Colombia (A supposedly third world country...I wonder why if we are more Eco-friendly that the 1st) there is a day without car every month (People must prepare to transport by either human traction or find a way to do it) and let the city breathe!
  • Kelly F. 7 years ago
    I'm all for walking but if you're pressed for time or lugging around alot of items or going to a town a half hour away by driving, a car DOES make more sense; I'm lucky I live near work where I can walk but many people don't. Also I have friends in different towns and hangouts in different towns so I need my car. Also a car is a rite of passage as a young adult; it's an accomplishment as well as a necessity. Even if you and your social circle take turns driving well someone is driving AND you are dependent on cars to get around, if not your car then your friend who's picking you up; sometimes you might meet up w/ friends if it's easier. People are coming from all over. But bikes and walking are great ways to get around; idk why people drive if they're just going up the block or something. Enjoy the weather when it's so nice out.
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    All year round we have a bulletin board that posts rideshare information and there are also bus and train maps. They really came in handy during the blizzards last year!
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    I have distributed flyers and raised awareness at work about car free day long island. I have also pledged to go car free on September 22
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