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  • Lois S. 13 days ago
    Was so excited when saw rewards we're back, quickly ordered a magazine subscription, points removed, order confirmed, when I went back to check this offer had expired years ago. Wonder if the magazine will ever come?
  • Donna D. 13 days ago
    Same with Coca-Cola reward---they must have dug these rewards out from 2010-11!
  • Donna D. 13 days ago
    LOL---this is what is on one of the McDonald rewards-look at expiration date! Your reward will be sent via first class mail and you should receive it within 7–10 business days. Use your reward at participating locations.
    Deal Expires:
    June 30, 2011
  • Debra B. 13 days ago
    Not only are they back....but better than ever! They usually have no more than 4 pages or 44 magazines. This is AMAZING!
    • Donna D. 13 days ago
      Look at expiration dates on the rewards 2011 and 2013! They put up some old reward pages!
    • Anita A. 13 days ago
      I am not getting any points added even after I do surveys. How are you doing it?
    • Katja K. 13 days ago
      I'm also not getting any points added to my account.
      They are still offering the reward that I always redeem my points for, but since they have not given me any points since December 27th I'm short by 20 points to redeem.
      They haven't sent me the rewards coupons from October and November and December.
      I did receive email confirmation that my rewards were going to be sent.
      Nothing yet.
    • Donna D. 13 days ago
      Points haven't been added to our accounts since late December.
  • Peg R. 13 days ago
    Yay! Magazine rewards are back! I just ordered two magazine subscription that had run out for me.
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