Live Green and Earn Points


  • Karen B. 5 years ago
    Pass along old devices to those who don't have one. My old become their new and very much appreciated
  • Laura L. 6 years ago
    Wouldn't it be fantastic if stores that sell electronics would take back e-waste and in exchange give you a 10% off coupon? Or even 5% would be great, or a free package of computer paper...any kind of incentive program would help so much to get people in the habit of recycling their e-waste instead of trashing it. My county burns their trash for energy, so putting batteries and other e-waste is seriously hazardous to the people that work there and yet they don't really educate or notify residents on that point.
  • Ellen G. 6 years ago
    I will donate to charity so can be used to help others
  • Janet M. 6 years ago
    We have a recycling plant in our town that takes so much stuff. Metal, aluminum, electronics and pays CASH. They do not pay for monitors but do take them. Copper wire also and although not that much money is it a cool place on a Sat.
  • joanna l. 7 years ago
    Our lab is putting a booth up on earth day to collect electronics and cell phones
    (there is a special protocol for disposal at work and some of the devices will be donated to those in need.
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