Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ellen G. 5 years ago
    combine errands
  • LEEANN C. 6 years ago
    Love the info
  • Larry S. 6 years ago
    I would recycle regardless of points!
  • Lawrence D. 7 years ago
    Question: I get hundreds of points by clicking my mouse while my computer chews up electricity yet I only get 51 points a week for my actual physical recycling. Don't you eco-freaks kinda get the hypocrisy in all this brain washing? Or are you too far down the rabbit hole?
    • Priscilla P. 7 years ago
      A bit too negative I think! Working together recycling we can make a difference. The points are great, I've used mine many times over now and appreciate the program. Recyclebank is a great program and I support it 100%.