Live Green and Earn Points


  • Javier M. 2 months ago
    Even though this is a RECYCLED article, it is my first time noticing the kid putting ice cream on his face. Chuckle!
  • Gina L. 2 months ago
    Used plastic water bottles are great for cheap dog toys. Pups are going to destroy most anything you hand them anyway.
  • Barbara W. 2 months ago
    I saw a commercial on TV for "aluminum cups" instead of plastic ones.
    It shows her recycling the aluminum and that it is the smart thing to do!
  • John D. 3 months ago
    One of my sisters used the 2 liter pop bottles filled with water and frozen to keep their rabbits cool.
    • Javier M. 2 months ago
      Good idea. I might have to figure out a way to do that for myself! (The placement will be the key.)
  • Randolph F. 3 months ago
    I have been washing out and reusing some of the thicker soda pop bottles for water bottles. Win - win! Less plastic in the trash. No need to buy reusable bottles.
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