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  • Debra B. 30 days ago
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Lots of rain here in OR. Gonna have sunshine tomorrow. I got my my 2 chives and 2 garlic chives planted yesterday. Now just need to hit Trader Joes for my basil plant to transplant. Gonna make a huge homemade potato salad today and then let sit overnight for the flavors to meld for a barbeque tomorrow! Wish I could share with you all....Thank you to any Veterans out there!
  • Barbara W. 30 days ago
    let's all click a "like" on tommy 's today.
    Maybe he will get a notification.
  • Steven S. 30 days ago
    Posted Sunday, May 29, 2022
  • Barbara W. 30 days ago
    Has anyone Noticed:
    When you get a notification of someones "like" or "reply" it Now takes you "directly to it", rather than just to the article in general. ( just like the old days)!!!
    Someone has been working on improving the site -YEAH!
    Slowly but Surely....... I say more good things to come!
    • John J. 30 days ago
      It's always varied for me so I still don't trust it. But replies gave me better results than likes.
    • Katja Z. 30 days ago
      Yes I just received a notice that John liked a comment that I made.
      The I was not directed to the comment.
      Just brought to the page with the Daily Pledge article on it.
    • Barbara W. 30 days ago
      About the time I say it's working, it goes off and on astray!
      Oh Well!
    • Barbara W. 30 days ago
      I see that it works sometimes, but not others, RATS!
    • Randy R. 30 days ago
      I hadn't noticed ~ I just responded to someone about the opposite the other day. This is Great News! ThanX for the Update.
      It is known that we groan when we see recycled articles but I kinda wish {Hint, Hint} that ALL the articles / pages since day one were put in rotating circulation. There are a lot of great stories, tips, facts hidden back there.
      Sure, they can be found in the search bar but why not put them in the mix?
      ('they' know they will get mocked for moldy oldy content).
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  • Katja Z. 1 month ago
    I have to mow the lawn.
    I have a human powered Fiskars reel lawn mower that I got from someone on the neighborhood Freecycle group.

    No barbecue for me.
    I don't eat anything outside my home and animals, birds and aquatic creatures are not on my menu.
    • Katja Z. 1 month ago
      Have to mow the lawn during daylight hours, but I suppose that my human powered lawn mower would not disturb anyone with any noise.
      With the exception of me cussing a lot.
    • Barbara W. 1 month ago
      I did most of my mowing on Sat. plus laundry, so Sunday will be my entertainment day at my friend's house ( good to get away now and then)
      Monday I will do the trim.
    • Barbara W. 1 month ago
      Even if you don't have company, fix yourself something you like..............treat yourself. There have been many times I was just home by myself.
      , been there. Kick back after mowing and watch a movie on TV with a good snack.
    • Katja Z. 1 month ago
      I've got my mind set on a smoothie.
    • Katja Z. 1 month ago
      All of the rain that we have been having is making the grass and weeds grow like crazy.
      If I had a nice Jersey cow or some nice nanny goats I could let them take care of the lawn and weeds.
      Now I have to go to sleep to rest up for my torturous lawn misadventure.

      That's why if I were doing that overnight there would be much cussing.
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