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  • Audrey N. 11 months ago
    Yeah I don’t know any parent that would let their child eat “bulk” that they found in their Halloween bag, bc the kind I’m thinking of is usually unwrapped.
  • Anthony M. 11 months ago
    what I do is take all gourds , indian corn and pumpkins to a wooded lot in the country, "critters" love 'em!
  • Gina L. 11 months ago
    Decor: I certainly would not bring branches, leaves or other outside decorations into my home. There is way too of a certainty of pests along with them. This site claims to not spray chemicals. However, if you bring in outdoor material it is bound to have problems. Keeping it natural works both ways.
    • Mark M. 11 months ago
      Some natural items like branches could bring insects, dust, etc. inside. I would probably stick to things that you can inspect individually. Some things might need to be rinsed off, too.
  • JC G. 11 months ago
    We enjoy the naturalness of our pumpkin which always gets recycled by cooking in the pressure cooker, freezing in measured portions, and eating it in various recipes after the holiday.
  • Mark M. 11 months ago
    I'm not sure what the bulk candy option means. Are you talking about giving out loose candy to trick or treaters? By the way, leftover candy is not usually a problem! :D
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