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  • tommy b. 10 months ago
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    In Rewards, there is a" Hoffman IT Group".( 1000points). When I clicked on it to see what its about it says, its security for your computer for one year. Has anyone heard of this Co before is it safe?
  • Malinda D. 11 months ago
    I never thought about going to a thrift store to put together a costume. I also like to donate it back and the old costume's to the thrift store. Excellent!
  • Javier M. 11 months ago
    Over the last few days I realized that I do not always get my daily 5 points when I click from the home page. Sometimes I have to click on the same link on the next page to get the 5 points. I wonder how many points I have missed during the pandemic?! But it has been about 2 weeks since my notifications stopped working and I also stopped getting emails from RB, so I will comfort myself and assume all issues began at the same time.
    • Barbara W. 11 months ago
      I was thinking the lady said the Co has sold ( but not absolutely sure).
      Seems some features have been shut down and others on autopilot.
      There are times big businessmen buy a Co for a loss to claim on taxes.
      Then some of the rich don't pay taxes at all!
    • Barbara W. 11 months ago
      I wondered about that also!
      But what NEXT page? you lost me.
      My notifications have stopped also, RATS.
    • Javier M. 10 months ago
      When I take the pledge, it is on the right hand side of my page. If I then click "read more", the pledge again appears on the right hand side of the page I am take to...sometimes (rarely) I see that it is still offering me the points and I
      have to click again on the pledge on that page to get the points.
    • Javier M. 10 months ago
      Dang, should have said left for the first page. If you were not confused before!
    • Teresa T. 10 months ago
      It appears that some of us are more passionate about recycling than those who run this site- nothing new, recycling old 2016 tips for about a year now. Not much to use points for anymore either. It is sad, really. But my recycling processes continue.
  • Barbara W. 11 months ago
    I think homemade costumes are the best and a lot more fun!
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