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  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    The Boy who did not smile:
    One year I volunteered to help at a church that had a Halloween party for underprivileged kids. I noticed the parents mostly DUMPED the kids off, many with no costumes. I had the table that made name tags for the kids. One particular boy was so pitful-looking. I saw the bruises on his arm and the sadness of his life. I had another lady go get me lots of colored construction paper, scissors and anything else she could find. I ask if he would like to be a clown, Oh yes! I made his name tag and had him make decorations on 3 other colored circles. We pinned them to his shirt and made a hat. I used blush in my purse on his cheeks, eyeliner to make pointed eyebrows, some lipstick around his mouth, then took 2 balloons (that had been hanging from the ceiling) for him to carry. I got a mirror from the wall and told him to make clown faces in it . He was delighted!
    Many of the other kids decided they also wanted to be clowns. I got another lady to help me and we had a room full of clowns that smiled as they played the games. The first boy kept watching me as he played the other games. I smiled back and gave him the attention and encouragement he needed. He sat right by me when we went to get hotdogs & soda/treats. Then on the hayride he took my hand and patted it, saying "you're a good mama"! I hope he still has good memories of that Halloween.
  • Jeannette M. 6 months ago
    I really wish they would release new articles
  • Diane T. 6 months ago
    Hello everyone.
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    Here was a winning costume:
    I bought a painter's cover-up ( the cheap paper-ish kind) and a paper painter's hat from Sherwin -Williams. While still there, we hung it on the back metal door. Got the old mismatched paint , and slung it with a brush here and there like a colleague. A masterpiece of "modern art" it was FUN! I left it there a few days to make sure all paint was dry. Accessories were a colored fabric bathrobe belt, and Old used paint bucket with the handle sticking out , It was Filled with a variety of goodies /candy.
    I used different colors of eye shadow to smear about my face and a bit with fingerprints on the hat! I roamed about greeting people with "Trick or Treat" letting them choose from the bucket whatever they wanted. Everyone had fun that night and I won one of the prizes too!
  • Steven S. 6 months ago
    Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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