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  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    Are the rest of you now getting your notifications in your e-mail as of 3-3-2022?
    Hooray for one more improvement!
  • Katja Z. 3 months ago
    You can get most things like dishes and clothes and toys and pretty much everything for children on local Buy Nothing groups and Freecycle groups on Facebook.
    I've seen washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, lawn mowers, snow blowers that people are just giving away.
  • tosiko d. 3 months ago
    I use chipped dish for plants dish.
  • John D. 3 months ago
    But if we wash them less often, wouldn't we need to use warmer water since they'd get funkier?
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      I wash the clothes that I mowed my lawn in with warmer /hot water.
      stinky-poo! Actually, I hang them on the clothesline to air out first. I wash them with towels, rags and junk stuff.
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    I love my clothesline! I have lived in my house about 28 years or so. One of the first things I did was have the clothesline re-strung. I am able to use it about 10 months out of the year. With Okla's rollercoaster weather I can just wait for the warmest day to do laundry. There have been times the clothes were still damp after being out there so I just brought them in and put them on the shower curtain rod to finish drying overnight. The rod is secured tightly in the tile and can hold a heavy load ( lucky me). The dryer costs a lot to run and can shrink clothes. I am tall so I don't need that !
    • Lois L. 3 months ago
      Same here. Love hanging out laundry, especially on a windy warm day. Limited usage here in Ohio, but so worth it. When my kids were home this was one of their chores. Wanted sturdy wooden clothes pins and found them at the antique malls for a very good price. It was fun "hunting" for them!
    • John D. 3 months ago
      I run the dryer duct with a lint filter in the house during colder weather.
    • Peg P. 3 months ago
      Our HOA doesn't allow clotheslines but I put out 4 or 5 wood dry racks on my back deck. I love the smell of line dried clothing! And if they're not dry, I just bring the racks inside to finish drying. I use the dry racks inside in colder months as well.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Great Idea!
      I live in an older neighborhood but I still don't see many clotheslines. I am thinking the younger bunch would see it as too much trouble or old fashion.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Would you believe I still have some of the heavy clothes pins from my mom! The others are cheapo /not to great and come apart.
      There is a distinct difference
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