Live Green and Earn Points


  • Cindy W. 3 days ago
    Does anyone remember when pop was sold in bottles and you would return the empty bottles to get money back?
  • Carly J. 4 days ago
    I gotta say nope. I still have stereos that play the CDs I love, and I treasure the VHS tapes that I own. When I can't enjoy them anymore, I will pass them on appropriately.
  • Debra B. 4 days ago
    I agree with Cindy W. We have an old small TV with VHS player built in and a VHS Tape Player that we use with our big screen TVs! Those Disney tapes are classics and to just replace would be expensive and foolish! My grand kids watch and I have my own , such as Mary Poppins and Wizard of Oz that I love to watch! I also have portable tape decks and I play both tapes and CD's in it as well! Thank goodness we didn't ditch our record player and our classic vinyl records that we continue to enjoy! That meant we did not have to purchase a new one as well, just the diamond head needle that lasts us for years...New technology will always evolve but old technology is also good to keep and use.
  • tommy b. 4 days ago
  • Cindy W. 4 days ago
    My grandkids are now watching those Disney Tapes and DVD's that I got for my daughter when she was a little girl. I still have a DVD and VHS Tape player and as long as they work I will continue using it.
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