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  • Barbara W. 6 days ago
    It's going to be one HOT Summer in the South and the Midwest!
    as in triple digits ...
  • Steven S. 7 days ago
    Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • Barbara W. 7 days ago
    I am wondering about a glitch on the "Likes" and "Replies"
    Last night I went through almost all of this very long comment section and "liked" tommy on almost all his comments ( today ). Well, today they are gone????
    I have been wondering because sometimes I am here when a like or reply comes on
    ( red notify on the right-hand side) but I can't find it???
    So the tommy thing was a test!

    Has anyone else noticed some strange happening.?
    • Randy R. 6 days ago
      Nope! Since you were the Official "Liker", you should be the only one with the >Power< To remove the like. Maybe it's like the last name initial switchup ? Maybe, after a browser refresh, cookie clean-out, or Device Restart, the likes will show. Another oddity with this site.

      <|º감º|> Darn Bots <|º감º|>
    • Randy R. 6 days ago
      You could post the page link here and we (I) can see if the likes show up.
  • Barbara W. 7 days ago
    Get this , I went to CVS yesterday (Monday) and the pharmacy was Closed.
    I asked whats the deal? , Answer "the pharmacist has Covid"
    Glad I am up to date with vaccines, and I do still wear a mask ( only one of a few in town).
    • Randy R. 6 days ago
      Re: civic

      I wonder when the 'media' is going to stop informing us of every single 'celebrity' infection? It's Getting Tired! Everyone is going to get a version of it sooner or later. Let it Go ~ It's been two+ years!
      We all are suffering and at loss.
    • Randy R. 6 days ago
      Sorry, spell check did it!
  • Barbara W. 7 days ago
    #3 get rid of outdated technology........I am still using it, My old flip phone ( no internet) .

    I am celebrating the longest day of the year with wine .
    Let's hear it for Barbeque ribs, potato salad, and good company.
    • Peg P. 7 days ago
      I use my flip phone, too. $5/month and it meets all my needs. Sad to say my service will be eliminated at the end of the year and I'll start having to pay much, much more for a smartphone. Also still have and use CDs and VHS tapes.
    • Katja K. 7 days ago
      Yeah I don't get the hate for still usable stuff like CDs and DVDs.
      My local library posted information on the Friend's of the Library donation request list and they specifically said do not donate CDs or DVDs.
      Said not to donate anything that you would not buy at a book sale.
      I posted that I would buy DVDs at a book sale and that in the past at the library book sale that I had bought a bag of 18 DVDs at the library book sale. They were 3 for a dollar.
      And there were some pretty good movies too.

      There is a 'Cleaning Expert' on YouTube and she had a video telling people what they should get rid of, because nobody uses old technology like CDs and DVDs anymore, everyone streams from the internet.
      Well I don't.
      I don't have internet at home and what happens when your internet is down?
      She was talking about that everything you want to watch or listen to you can store in the cloud. Again, if your internet is out for various reasons if you stored all of your crap in the cloud, well too bad for you.
      There was a scene in an episode of The Walking Dead where the family was listening to a CD, Nine Inch Nails (which I found hilarious).
      No cloud, no enternet.
      I did get rid of my VHS tapes but aside from that I'm keeping my CDs and DVDs.

      Lets hear it for deep dish pizza, heavy sauce and whole raw white milk!!!
    • Randy R. 7 days ago
      All good things !

      . . . until I realized that means daylight is now going to get shorter, darker, earlier . . .

      and winter is coming. #crying person emoji
    • Randy R. 7 days ago
      @Peg Hi Peg! Don't know your circumstances or if it would work in your circumstances but QVC & HSN has top name smartphones and usually one flip phone starting around $55 - $333 and Usually includes a year of activation, 1500 minutes, 1500 Texts, and 1.49 GB data to use for that year plus you can add on more minutes etc. if you like. You can even keep your own number. There are caveats
    • Javier J. 7 days ago
      That would be The Walking Dead, season 5, episode 15, opening scene!
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