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  • Javier M. 9 days ago
    Happy Cinco de Mayo,!
  • Stacy M. 9 days ago
    Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope everyone is safe & well.
  • Lois S. 9 days ago
    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Taco bar tonight for sure!
  • Barbara W. 9 days ago
    I have a problem maybe someone can figure it out. I have a newer touch screen computer but there is a problem on this site. When I go to the "Person Icon" on the upper right, then touch it, the dropdown will Not come down. If I move over to the "notification box" right next to it, the same thing happens. Other things I touch Will work, so what's the deal? Anyone with more experience know?
  • m c. 1 month ago
    Many items are recyclable but not in every community. Check with your hauler.
    • Barbara W. 1 month ago
      I agree every community has its own rules. In my local case, it's the girl that answers the phone, she has not a clue. I had to explain some simple things to her. FINALLY, someone told me who she is...OOOHHHH! The girl had been shifted from one position to another in her "previous job" and it was not cross-training. She gives blondes and dumb bunnies a bad name!
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