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  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    Don't make the mistake I did. I ordered the Mens Health mag for a friend and did not LOOK to see that it is an ON_LINE thing! Since I had their name and address & my e-mail it was sent to me....!
    The reason I always use My e-mail is because if I give the company their e-mail , then they get pestered to buy more/ renew. So the actual problem was me not seeing the ON_LINE rathered than mailed
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    Has anyone tried calling the recycles # this year 2021, to ask a question?
    Just wondering if they are responding. If anyone needs the # its 1-888-727-2978
  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    I truly want to know the best and easiest way to re-use/make candles from the old. Just the simple ideas please.
    • RANDY R. 3 months ago
      Take a brand new votive (or cut down taper) and place in center if fire safe vessel. Take your recycled crayons from last weeks' article along with clean candle scraps and melt either in double boiler or microwave. Pour wax slowly around candle. Best if you straighten wick up as much as possible. Keep filling to a half inch if wick or vessel. Whatever is safest.
      There's a lot omitted here to fit your request of simple. This works and is simple. Results WILL VARY due to all the variables. 1 Example

      Re: I truly want to know the best and easiest way to re-use/make candles from the old. Just the simple ideas please.
    • Gina L. 3 months ago
      Thank you
  • Debra B. 5 months ago
    It's an amazing time to be able to start giving and receiving these types of experiences that vaccines are here and venues starting to open. I have for many years, gave experiences to others in a variety of ways. Many were including myself, so win win! I live in Oregon so concerts at the zoo, or outdoor venues, wine tasting experiences, meals out, meals bought , prepared and cooked by me, a cooking class at the local community college, etc. I make layered cookie jars or 13 bean soup mixes with seasoning included, and spice mixes made with spics from Penzeys. In the summer I grow above ground garden beds with many vegetables and pots of herbs. I grow basil and cilantro to make homemade pesto and freeze to use and give away, as well as pots of spaghetti sauce made from my huge variety of heirloom tomatoes, etc. Growing and making these items in the summer straight from my garden brings me such joy as well as family, friends, coworkers and neighbors who receive my gifts and experiences. It allows me to " give a piece of me" and frees up time during the holiday to truly enjoy the season, traditions, and those that I love!
  • Susan M. 5 months ago
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