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  • Barbara W. 4 days ago
    I keep looking for Diane.
    By reading all the mess that was going on around the first part of the year, people wondered if the site was about to sink. Maybe some just gave up and left?
    Wish Diane would come back, she is really nice.
    She was the one who always said, "Hello everybody"
  • Steven S. 5 days ago
    Posted Monday, May 16, 2022
  • Barbara W. 5 days ago
    Some news about postage stamps:
    USPS wants to hike stamp prices in July. It's just the beginning of a plan to raise prices at 'an uncomfortable rate.'
    Mike Snider, USA TODAY
    Sat, May 14, 2022, 8:51 AM
    The U.S. Postal Service is expected to increase prices in July, raising the cost of a Forever stamp from 58 cents to 60 cents. And that may not be the only price hike in the near future.

    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

    USPS mail prices expected to increase
    The U.S. Postal Service has proposed the following price increases to take effect July 10.

    Product Current Prices Planned Prices

    Letters (1 oz.) 58 cents 60 cents

    Letters (metered 1 oz.) 53 cents 57 cents

    Letters additional ounce(s) 20 cents 24 cents

    Domestic Postcards 40 cents 44 cents

    International Letter (1 oz.) $1.30 $1.40
    • Barbara W. 5 days ago
      On errand day, I will be stopping at the post office to purchase extra stamps before they go up! The stamps will still be cheaper than the gas to pay those bills in person, for the most part.
      July 10th will come before you know it.
    • Laurel L. 5 days ago
      Thanks for sharing! I hadn't bought stamps in a while because I have a huge stash of Forevers and others I got from my Uncle's writing desk after he passed and we were cleaning his house, and I was quite a victim of "sticker shock" the other day when I went to the post office to drop off a package and had to give in and buy a booklet of cute river otter stamps. (Sorry about that run-on sentence.) I will definitely be taking inventory this week and seeing what I may need to stock up on before yet another rate increase.
    • John J. 5 days ago
      Nice business plan to price themselves out of 'business.' I rarely mail letters anymore as I've been paying bills online for years. But I do like that my two neighbors still do so as I can tell when the mail has been delivered by their flags. Lol
    • Donna D. 4 days ago
      In 2012, stamps went up to 45 cents. Now 60 cents. Big % in 10 years. Here is wiki link for other years
    • Barbara W. 4 days ago
      I use stamps for most bills, but not all. Birthdays, get-well cards, as well as Christmas and any holiday cards, get stamps. I will Not do anything with banking or checks online. I hear about hacking ALL the time, no need in me to make it easier for them.
      I like to get the pretty, or seasonal stamps!
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  • Barbara W. 5 days ago
    The topic of Holiday gifting (above), Dec 2016, Wrong month and Wrong year!
    Well, the next holiday will be Memorial Day. May 2022
  • Katja Z. 4 months ago
    Uh oh, just checked the rewards and there is nothing there now.
    I read someone's comment on the Recyclebank Facebook page saying that the rewards are gone.
    I don't think that this is good news.
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