Live Green and Earn Points


  • Susan M. 1 month ago
    We use plastic bottles as planters and hang them from our patio fence. Cut a slot length wise and fill with dirt. (Leave the cap on so the water and dirt don't come out the side). Great for herbs and the fact that we live in a condo.
  • Randy F. 1 month ago
    I take the 'dirt' from all the deceased holiday (plant) gifts that didn't make it through the winter and mix it with fresh peat, soil, vermiculite, etc to make spring seedling mix.

    Then rinse the old pots with recycle codes and out them in the bin.
  • Steven S. 7 months ago
    Late August for May flowers??? This article would be better during the spring....not now.
  • tommy b. 7 months ago
  • Susie C. 9 months ago
    I love making “planters” out of old shoes.
    • Barbara B. 9 months ago
      that's a new one, tell us about it!
    • Susie C. 9 months ago
      I fill old shoes with potting soil and plant flowers and herbs in them. I hang the sneakers by the shoe laces or sit the ones without laces on the porch or in the garden. They always gather lots of comments!
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