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When it comes to vegetables, what is the “Dirty Dozen”?

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When it comes to vegetables, what is the “Dirty Dozen”?
Strawberries and spinach top the list, so it's best to buy them organically produced.
  • A list of GMO produce
  • A list of produce that is wrongly marked "organic"
  • A list of the produce that use the highest amount of insecticide in their production
  • A group of vegetables that all come from underground
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  • virginia s. 14 days ago
    thank you, Laurel!
  • ANNA MARIE S. 14 days ago
    Is this to do with Eco-cycle
  • virginia s. 14 days ago
    how much of the insecticide will be removed by thorough washing?
    • Laurel L. 14 days ago
      A lot of that depends on the skin/peel of the particular fruit or vegetable. Things like avocados and bananas won't absorb nearly as much as, say, strawberries or raspberries (which absorb it easily, so you're really just washing off surface contaminants at that point.) Try a Google search to see what information you may come up with. I hope this helped a little. :-)
  • chris d. 14 days ago
    I love strawberries
  • tommy b. 14 days ago
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