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When it comes to vegetables, what is the “Dirty Dozen”? 5

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When it comes to vegetables, what is the “Dirty Dozen”?
Strawberries and spinach top the list, so it's best to buy them organically produced.
  • A list of GMO produce
  • A list of produce that is wrongly marked "organic"
  • A list of the produce that use the highest amount of insecticide in their production
  • A group of vegetables that all come from underground
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  • William L. 8 days ago
    We learned about the "Dirty dozen" and the "clean 15" @ school.
  • WalterAnthony Michael L. 10 months ago
    I am learning more about recycling than I did in school.
  • Elizabeth D. 1 year ago
    I'm learning more about what you're allowed to recycle and not.
  • Audrey N. 1 year ago
    The question of the day is very fun, I find myself more intrigued to read about it.
  • John D. 1 year ago
    Good stuff but these definitely need the 'I've done it already' checkmark as the thumbs all look the same (altho they're so small it's hard to do on the other thumbs anyway). 'Fun' reading their titles every day to see if they're new...
    • Diane M. 17 days ago
      mine has a check if I have already done it or a 5 if I have not answered it
    • Paul D. 17 days ago
      That's true for all the possible points you can earn. Go to
      Earn Points & it will be the same- a number or a check mark.
    • John D. 17 days ago
      My "1 year ago" post was referring to an article that was in MOST POPULAR READS at the time [how this ended up in today's Question Of The Day I don't have a clue]. Anyhow, same issue now, MPR has no check marks. But kudos to QOTD as the new format is a list with numbers/check marks - most excellent!
      This just in: The post reply notification email I received this morning has a new format. It no longer gives me the reply and makes me load the site to see it, then to top things off it just takes me to the article [the old version took me to the posts but unfortunately didn't take me to the reply...].
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