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What Percentage of Glass Bottles Get Recycled?

By Recyclebank |

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According to a 2013 study, what percentage of glass bottles got recycled in 2013?
Glass is tricky (and costly) to recycle. If it's still accepted for recycling in your community, make sure you do it right to avoid contaimination.
  • 34%
  • 50%
  • 66%
  • 71%
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If glass gets recycled in your community, make sure they're clean and dry before you drop them in the container. 

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  • Patricia G. 14 days ago
    Arkansas doesn't recycle bottles because they have nobody to ship them to to recycle I was told.
  • Chris G. 14 days ago
    We can't recycle our glass at all so 30% is better than what we can recycle.
  • Luz G. 15 days ago
    that;s disappointing to know only 33% of glass gets recycled
    overall we really need to be better consumers BUT then each industry and packaging needs to improve to a biodegradable solution!
  • sharyn l. 15 days ago
    I thought bottles were easy to recycle.
    • VICKI V. 15 days ago
      Me too, I remember back in the day that you use to pay a deposit and just return them for the deposit back, if that would be a high percentage than maybe we should start that again.
    • Geff G. 14 days ago
      They're also counting glass (jars) used for p-nut butter, jam, pickles, condiments, etc. for which few want to clean and place in the curbside recycling bin (if even available in their area at all).
  • tommy b. 15 days ago