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  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    COMING SOON -- new updated version of Question of the day !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    I MISS the question of the day ,PLEASE bring it back!!!! I see the box for it is now gone on 5-14. Its sad, can another employee take over the responsibility for the question of the day.
  • Arthur M. 3 months ago
    Why are the Question of the day not updated? Last one was 5/11 today is 5/14.
  • Dottie M. 3 months ago
    What happened to Question of the day for May 12-14?
  • John D. 3 months ago
    QoftheD RIP?
    And there's nothing new to 'today' tommy. Lol, but you're probably just catching up.
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