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What is the number code on a plastic bottle called? 5

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What is the number code on a plastic bottle called?
This code identifies the kind of plastic a product is made of and can be used to determine if that product can be recycled.
  • Material-Type Number Code
  • Recycling Interpretation Code 
  • Resin Identification Code 
  • Recycle-Type Identification Code
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  • ALICIA M. 11 months ago
    More on organic farming what makes anything organic
  • Ka L. 11 months ago
    unrecycleable plastic should no longer be produced and used.
  • Audrey N. 11 months ago
    I wish all plastic was recyclable
  • John D. 11 months ago
    Lol, sometimes the answer is given away by the 'Learn more...' hyperlink below the possible answers.
  • joanna l. 11 months ago
    I wish that they would make the # a little larger! I know what types of plastic my city accepts, but its sometimes really hard to make out the RIC number.