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  • tommy b. 1 month ago
  • LEANN H. 5 months ago
  • George J. 5 months ago
    To say mostly iron and carbon is pretty misleading. The most common grade of steel sheet contains 0.08% carbon. A high carbon spring steel would be 0.95% carbon. The most common grade of stainless steel contains 18% Chromium and 8% nickel and 0.08% maximum carbon. Almost all steel grades and alloys contain more manganese or other trace elements than carbon.
    • Gina G. 5 months ago
      Isn't your explanation due to grades of steel? I realize there are many materials in all types of steel. I think the question was misleading. It was only taking into account a 'perfect' grade.
  • Lois F. 1 year ago
    iron, lead and ?
    • Geff G. 1 year ago
      primarily iron & carbon w/trace amounts of elements (depending on composition desired) including or more of the following: manganese, nickel, chromium, boron, titanium, tungsten, cobalt, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and a few others most ppl have never/rarely heard of
    • Gina G. 5 months ago
      whatever manufacturers are able to get away with.
    • George J. 5 months ago
      Since all alloying elements used in specialty steels cost much more than iron, it would be really stupid to add those without a real benefit.