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What is post-consumer recycled paper?

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What is post-consumer recycled paper?
Buying post-consumer recycled paper means you're supporting the circular economy and helping to save resources!
  • Paper that's been recycled into building materials such as insulation
  • Trimmings and other byproducts of the paper industry
  • Paper that's made with recycled paper from consumers recycling
  • Paper made from tree farms
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  • tommy b. 3 days ago
  • dennis s. 5 days ago
    hi,yes on my way I have found nails and screws besides litter. I live on long island and detest litter. people who live in a country setting should be ashamed to be so lazy as to litter.
  • Christine G. 5 days ago
    When I go for walks, I make a point of bringing a trash bag with me and disposable gloves. I clean up along the way. All efforts help. Imagine the impact if everyone that cared for the environment did the same. Then imagine how it may impact a passerby. It could become a revolution
  • tommy b. 5 days ago
  • Barbara W. 5 days ago
    When I walk the neighborhood its scary to see what all is on the corners thats gathered in the streets. No wonder so many people get flat tires, especially after a rain! swing wide!
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