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What is plastic film?

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What is plastic film?
Plastic film (AKA soft plastic) is a nasty contaminant to curbside recycling: It clogs sorting machines, causing costly delays and danger to workers.
  • Another name for soft, flexible plastic
  • The plastic used to make photo paper
  • A cloudy coating on rigid plastic containers
  • A film-industry term for film reels
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  • tommy b. 10 months ago
  • m c. 10 months ago
    Again, depends on your hauler. Mine started taking it a year ago. As a result more stuff into the blue recycling bins, less in the black landfill trash bins.

    Are plastic bags & plastic wrap recyclable in San Francisco?
    As a San Francisco resident or business, you can recycle plastic bags and plastic wrap (soft plastic) in your blue recycling bin. Collect all clean soft plastic inside one bag and place in the blue recycling bin.

    What is soft plastic?
    Soft plastic is any type of plastic that can be bunched up in your hand:

    Plastic packaging - used for paper towels and toilet paper
    Plastic film or wrap - used to cover and store food
    Plastic bags - used for salad mixes, tortillas, or produce
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Marc R. 1 year ago
    I would love to know how plastic film and bags are recycled, particularly because the ones that are supposed to be recyclable--the ones you can drop off at the supermarket, big box store, or chain drug store--including shopping bags, the plastic wrap around beverage bottles multi-packs, paper towels, toilet paper, and diapers and the bags inside cereal boxes, are made of several different types of plastic including HDPE and LDPE and often look similar to non-recyclable plastic film like PVC food wrap. How do the recyclers tell the HDPE from the LDPE from the non-recyclable films when many don't have codes on them, like food storage bags that are supposed to be recyclable, and, even if they did, the work would be insanely labor intensive.
  • KELLY P. 1 year ago
    I think its the plastic film on packaging and its not recyclable.
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