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What is plastic?

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What is plastic?
Plastics are synthetic polymers made of carbon and other materials, most often derived from petroleum.
  • An element
  • A plasma made of natural elements 
  • A synthetic polymer
  • An organic compound
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  • PC M. 16 days ago
    We make our own choices!
  • Arthur M. 17 days ago
    Plastics are what is wrong , blame all on them. Trump is wrong! Guns are wrong! Face it, "it is not my fault" it is someone else's fault!!!!!
    • Chris C. 17 days ago
      I don't think anyone here is saying plastic in itself is inherently wrong; there are a multitude of good uses for plastic. I think the overarching goal here is to learn how to limit our use of plastic while also discussing how to properly recycle the plastic that we do use. Let's face it, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills and takes centuries to degrade, so anything we can do to counteract the negative consequences of plastics is a good thing. As to your claims about Trump and guns, well, you've come to the wrong forum for that. Sorry.
    • John J. 16 days ago
      It's our own fault. Many things in life are due to society's quest for a higher standard of living without considering the long-term consequences. Coal, asbestos, etc.
    • mary m. 16 days ago
      All of this is SO VERY TRUE Chris. Thank you
    • Arthur M. 16 days ago
      This was sarcasm!!!!!!!!!
  • tommy b. 17 days ago
  • tommy b. 7 months ago
  • Deborah W. 1 year ago
    We need a replacement.
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