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  • Audrey N. 5 months ago
    What happened to the daily questions on their website?
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • Jennifer B. 5 months ago
    How do I dispose of old garbage containers?
    • Steven S. 5 months ago
      What are they made of? Metal? Put them on the tree belt with a free sign. Are they recyclable? Do you have a town dump that accepts large recyclables? If so, clean the container as best you can and bring it there for recycling. If not, fill them with trash and put a note on them that these containers are to be thrown away as trash. Trashmen won't take them? Carefully cut them into small enough pieces to be thrown away as trash. Good luck.
    • Jennifer B. 5 months ago
      Thank you. They are plastic containers and they both have cracks and holes in them. I WILL place a note on them. Thanks again.
  • Patricia F. 1 year ago
    The layer that protects the earth's atmosphere
  • Tina M. 1 year ago
    Its an unstable toxic gas
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