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What is composting?

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What is composting?
By composting, food scraps and yard trimmings can be turned into nutrient-rich soil additive, with many applications, from gardening to land management.
  • Burying trash in the yard
  • Wrapping food waste in paper before discarding
  • A method of recycling organic matter into a useful material
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  • tommy b. 10 months ago
  • Sylvia S. 1 year ago
    Using old vegetables and food waste mixed with soil for a beautiful garden in the spring.
  • June S. 1 year ago
    The county where I live recently purchased a commercial composter. A lot of the material they use in it comes from restaurants and grocery stores, but it is also available to the general public. They have a HazWagon that comes to a park just a couple miles from my house one day a week, and I can take compostable materials there for free every week. They are using the compost at gardens and parks around the county. Win-Win!
  • John D. 1 year ago
    Or like one neighbor that just throws it in a pile. Flies and vermin attracted no extra charge.
    • Cindy C. 1 year ago
      Sounds like he may be throwing out meat, fat and or grease. These shouldn't be put in a compost pile unless you want to attract the critters.
    • John D. 1 year ago
      Not sure but it doesn't smell horrible like meat stuff [I had another neighbor throw out some cooked BBQ stuff partially wrapped in foil and it smelled like something died. I couldn't take it anymore so jumped the fence and took care of it, trying not to throw up]. I'm thinking a compost pile is supposed to be somewhat covered, rotated, etc.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
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