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What is a ferrous metal?

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What is a ferrous metal?
You can usually tell that metal is ferrous when a magnet sticks to it.
  • Metal that is silver colored
  • Metal that contains iron
  • Metal that contains copper
  • Metal that is highly flexible
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  • Audrey N. 10 days ago
    Wouldn’t have known that in high school but I learn so much from this site.
  • Mark M. 10 days ago
    Stainless steel is ferrous, but it may or may not be magnetic.
    • George G. 9 days ago
      It depends on the grain structure. I can be austenitic, martensitic, or ferritic. Austenitic grades are barely magnetic, but will be come more magnetic if work hardened, like bending it or drawing it through a die. The deformed area will be more magnetic than the unworked areas. I have been retired from the industry for some time, but I don't think the basics have changed much.
  • John D. 10 days ago
    "And teacher needs to see me after school"
  • tommy b. 10 days ago
  • tommy b. 8 months ago
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