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  • Donna C. 1 month ago
    Same thing. They are just not going to fix it. Never fixed my points issue either. Points are always awarded by 5's but my total is now 2466. Still no answer how I got only 1 point on a question.
  • m c. 1 month ago
    same thing happened with me except they did not state that I had already earned it (and I would have challenged them the same way). First I emailed them with the specifics, then they responded with a vague canned answer of what happened (even though I spelled it out) so I sent them screen shots showing the question as "earned" with another screen shot showing my tally did not include it, followed by a third screen shot showing that the page is still appearing as an activity I have not done. When it was said and done, they awarded me the 5 points with this in the earning notation: 02/19/2020
    Earned Points

    Customer Care - Dissatisfied with Program | +5 pts
  • Conn G. 1 month ago
    RB finally got back with me - 3 times today. From their perspective, this was a 2 year old QotD, so if you earned points back then, you can't get them again. They are forwarding the issue to Tech Support so it can be displayed properly. In the past, anytime they have updated and/or reissued an earn opportunity, they've reset the ability to earn it. This would seem to be a change in their process. They gave me 5 pts for my trouble, but I don't think they know what they are talking about on this one...
  • T Ann M. 1 month ago
    About these pretty much worthless points, Hey, least see if you can't arrange to donate them to some worthy cause.
  • Ann T. 1 month ago
    True John D. not much worth using all these points anymore. I used to Love the Harris Teeter $10 off when you spent $50! And yes, where are the sweepstakes??? Not that that is worth the time and effort either.
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