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What does VOC stand for?

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What does VOC stand for?
Indoor concentrations of VOCs can be up to 10X higher than those outdoors, posing a greater health risk.
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  • Volatile Organic Compound
  • Vented Oxygen Control
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  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Carol F. 2 years ago
    Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Jennifer B. 2 years ago
    Can I recycle wire clothes hangers?
    • Arumugaraja A. 2 years ago
      Leave it at Laundromat or Laundry shops.
    • Donna D. 2 years ago
      Check with resale shops, Good Will, Salvation Army, etc. They usually need hangers and will take them.
    • Barbara B. 2 years ago
      I keep a few extra in the garage for various uses when taken apart. The hook on the end can unclog the downspout to gutters. If the hook is squished together it can be used in bathroom sink to clear the way or pull out a wad of hair. It can also be used to hang plastic flower pots. Unlock a older car door. SO keep a few and donate the rest!
    • becky b. 2 years ago
      We have a scrap yard for metal, they will take wire coat hangers.
    • Eileen E. 2 years ago
      Dry cleaners used to take them back--also the plastic bags--a small discount for bringing them back to reuse.
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