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What does "recycle" mean when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle? 5

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What does "recycle" mean when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle?
When working properly, recycling is one step on the closed-loop materials-use cycle, which makes the most of our limited resources.
  • Occasionally putting recyclables in the recycle bin
  • Consciously participating in the cycle of responsible materials-use, reclamation, and remanufacture
  • Putting whatever seems like it might be recyclable in the recycle bin and hoping it will be taken care of
  • Throwing everything in the trash and letting someone else sort it out
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  • VICKI R. 10 days ago
    I thought they did just the other day.
    • Gina L. 9 days ago
      They are asking for the meaning of each of the "R's". Most people have done well with the exception of 'rot'. The Recyclebank is having fun with synonyms.
  • Geff M. 10 days ago
    Hopefully, they'll ask what "rot" means or refers to soon on one of these questionnaires