Live Green and Earn Points


  • Joy B. 23 days ago
    I wish styrofoam were recyclable!
    • Cheri C. 19 days ago
      Me too! I decided to try giving up styrofoam through the end of the year. If it goes well, that may become my new norm.
  • DAGMAR V. 29 days ago
    I am very frustrated with out municipal recycling program. We went from single stream recycling to dual stream. It means that we can no longer recycle glass and only #1 and #2 plastics. (And paper) We are regressing here !
  • Julie R. 1 month ago
    Very helpful as it looks like I'm lagging
  • Mari C. 1 month ago
    These were good questions answers of which would be helpful to everyone.
  • Carla J. 1 month ago
    I enjoy these questions of the day, thank you I learn so much. I get a few wrong but I'm glad I'm helping in my knowledge to recycle correctly.
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