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Typically how many more jobs are created by commercial-composting facilities than by landfills?

By Recyclebank |

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  • PC M. 16 days ago
    Hmm, I guessed 4X as well!
  • tommy b. 17 days ago
  • Margaret H. 1 year ago
    So is this why my city is practically ending its recycling program? Because they are being charged twice as much per pound of recycling than for garbage? Because they are paying twice as many people?
  • rhonda m. 1 year ago
    What kind of water filter should I buy for my kitchen water faucet?
    • Gina G. 1 year ago
      It is certainly up to you and your budget. Delta, Pur, Moen, Brita and Culligan all claim to be the best. I think most are pretty much the same. You need to look into how often they suggest the filter and capacity. Cheers
  • Barbara W. 1 year ago
    I guessed 4x more