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Is rope recyclable curbside? 5

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Is rope recyclable curbside?
Rope, and twine of any kind, clogs sorting machines, causing delays and danger to recycling workers.
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  • Bill M. 10 days ago
    You shred paper, so why isn’t shredded paper recyclable ?
    • Steven C. 10 days ago
      Call your recycling hauler and they will tell you if it is or isn't. Our hauler, while not to keen on the idea, will accept shredded paper in a paper bag that is stapled to prevent the shreds from falling out. Their reasoning is that shredded paper is to small to contain on its own. It just ends up flying all over the MRF.
    • VICKI R. 10 days ago
      That is what our hauler says also. We can put it with the recycles but here it has to be secured in a clear paper bag, which makes no sense a paper bag would be better so it can be recycled together.
    • John D. 10 days ago
      A clear paper bag?
    • Barbara W. 10 days ago
      I don't recall ever seeing a Clear paper bag...... ours are the typical brown.
    • Gina L. 9 days ago
      I am sure Vicki meant to type clear Plastic bag.