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Is aluminum a renewable resource? 5

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Is aluminum a renewable resource?
Aluminum comes from bauxite ore, which is mined in a very energy intensive process. Aluminum isn't renewable, but it can be recycled over and over again!
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  • George J. 7 days ago
    Not only is aluminum (aluminium if you are British) recycled frequently, it is recycled economically. Even more, when aluminum replaces heavier steel products in transportation, it saves energy for the life of the vehicle because it takes less energy to move less mass. Although aluminum is not as good a conductor as copper, it is used in transmission of electricity because using thicker aluminum wires still weighs less than an equivalent amount of copper to do the job. This saves money on the actual wires and allows the towers that hold the transmission lines to be less massive. This is fine in places where the air cools the wires. Do not use aluminum in household wiring because it will overheat inside walls and may cause a fire.
  • Connie D. 8 days ago
  • John D. 8 days ago
    Think wind and sun. But this will get you thinking possibly the other way due to recycling: "Water can be considered a renewable material when carefully controlled usage, treatment, and release are followed."
  • T Ann M. 8 days ago
    I think to be regarded as renewable it must be a living thing, like plants or livestock.
  • Barbara W. 8 days ago
    aluminum can be recycled over and over. Please explain the term "renewable" a little better.