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How many times does paper get recycled? 5

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How many times can paper be recycled?
The fibers in paper degrade a little more each time they are recycled, so they can only survive the process a few times.
  • Only once
  • An infinite number of times
  • About 5 to 7 times
  • About 30 times
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  • Donna O. 22 days ago
  • Carly J. 22 days ago
    So, how can you tell how many times a particular item has been recycled? Are there any identifiable traits that tells us we can't recycle something anymore?
    • BenD@Recyclebank 21 days ago

      Hi Carly, 

      It's not necessary to know how many times a material has been recycled in order to know whether to recycle it. It's better to focus on which material types are recyclable.

      For example, office paper should be recycled regardless of whether or not it's been made from recycled paper, and paper towels should NOT be recycled regardless of whether or not they are made from recycled paper.

  • jennifer c. 22 days ago
    I would think 10 plus times for most items.
  • Steven C. 22 days ago
    With more and more states making marijuana legal to grow ( not trying to make a political statement here ), we should be growing more and more hemp. It is an excellent source for paper products instead of milling our forests. It would keep more of our trees and its carbon footprint is much smaller than foresting.
    • John D. 22 days ago
      My Gramps grew it on his Iowa farm for rope during WWII. Around 1970 he told me he would see folks on the side of the road 'harvesting' the wild stuff that still grew to smoke, which he got a laugh out of it because it was just hemp.
    • Gina L. 22 days ago
      There are many varieties of hemp, as other plants. It is the THC level which makes it into an drug category. Most hemp grown for paper, rope, etc have minute amounts of the chemical. Yes, I am aware crazy people will try anything for a cheap high. With industrial hemp they won't float far.
  • virginia s. 22 days ago
    can bamboo be used to make paper? If so. would it be able to be recycled? Just wondering.
    • Gina L. 22 days ago
      Yes, bamboo is able to be made into paper and other goods. However, it is a tough material that is not easily processed. That makes it a give and take on the recycle issue.
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