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How many times can glass be recycled?

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How many times can glass be recycled?
Container glass can be recycled endlessly without losing any quality, durability or purity — as long as it's not contaminated by other types of glass!
  • Just 5 to 7 times
  • An infinite number of times
  • Only once
  • About 30 times
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  • tommy b. 20 days ago
  • Mark M. 20 days ago
    "Infinite" isn't the right word - it should be "indefinite" or maybe "unlimited."
  • Theresa H. 21 days ago
    Over and over
  • Audrey N. 21 days ago
    • Chris C. 21 days ago
      Moron today, moron tomorrow...
    • Audrey N. 21 days ago
      Dude what is your problem. You have left some nasty comments. Ever herd of “if you don’t have nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    • Chris C. 21 days ago
      What is YOUR problem? We already have one troll on this board, we don't need another. You think it's some sort of amusing game to follow in his footsteps with your version of his idiotic nonsense? Today, tomorrow, today,'s VERY old and has nothing to do with recycling. Please take your stupidity elsewhere. Nobody finds it amusing.
    • Audrey N. 21 days ago
      Wow! You must be employee of the year at your work, so glad I don’t work there. Did you even bother to ask me if tomorrow was an acronym for something or my kids take my phone and post on it before resulting to calling me and name calling? No! Take it from someone that has worked in psychiatric hospitals for over 15 years, you have issues with authority, control and anger. You might wanna get those checked out. Oh and by the way, 95% of the time I do post about recycling.
    • Chris C. 20 days ago
      Wow! You must be "Mom of the Year" since you have no control of your kids and their random postings with YOUR cellphone. LOL. Did you know that you can actually LOCK your phone with a FOUR-Digit PIN? You might want to look into it. Also, if they are (supposedly) doing this on your phone, it makes me wonder what other shenanigans they are doing behind your back....hmmm. As to your "expert" evaluation of my mental health, I do appreciate your concern. And I fully agree that I have anger issues. Yes, I am angry that you and the other troll continue to post repetitive spam and do not take this board seriously. I am willing to give him a pass because I think he is mentally deficient, lonely, or possibly both. You, on the other hand, have no excuse. You are fully aware of what you are doing. And blaming your kids for it? That's just pathetic.
  • Barbara W. 22 days ago
    Problem is, nobody around my area will accept glass--what a shame!
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