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How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year?

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How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year?
This amount is only about 15% of the total apparel, footwear, and household textiles (like bedding and towels) that could be recycled each year!
  • 12 pounds
  • 20 pounds
  • 34 pounds
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  • George J. 1 year ago
    How many times can you wash clothes before they are totally converted into dryer lint? You can use dryer lint to start a campfire. This should remind you to clean out the dryer exhaust outlet occasionally before you start a house fire.
  • Audrey N. 1 year ago
    Where do you recycle clothes right now when everything is shut down?
    • Chris C. 11 months ago
      Our thrift store has a drop off place and they empty it every day. It is sort of like a walk in dumpster but nicer. You have a window to put stuff in and they have a door on the other side to empty it. Our goodwill never closed so people have been dropping it off there too.
  • C S. 1 year ago
    Where do you recycle clothes not worth giving to salvo or good will?
    • m m. 1 year ago
      my trash company has a textile recycling program, just put unwanted textiles, clothes, etc, in a bag on top of recycling bin. Maybe your company has this option.
    • Chris C. 11 months ago
      I send mine to a charity thrift shop that helps the elderly. stained towels go to the vet clinics or the pound. Stained blankets and sheets the same. They even send old diabetic test supplies to the pound. Clothing goes to a quilting group.
    • Chris C. 11 months ago
      I don't send clothing to goodwill only electronics. They are not a non profit and do not help anybody. They just say they do in my area. One family owns it and they just keep their pockets filled. They stayed open during the pandemic the whole time and kept advertising to get people to still come into their stores to shop.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Sam B. 1 year ago
    Your clothes wil last longer if you do not wear them as often. we take off all of our "outdoor" clothes when we get home. Nudity in one's own home saves teh good clothes or outdoors when society demands tha twe hde ourselves. Your clothes will last longer then as they require fewer cleanings and wil get less wear.
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