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  • Evelyn B. 6 months ago
    But if you use the cellphone or tablet that you already own for other purposes to read e-books, then isn't it an instant benefit for e-books, even if you only read 1? I normally read library books anyhow.
  • Carly J. 6 months ago
    A majority of us use computers and mobile phones so much that a physical book is so much more enjoyable to bond with.
    If you don't like the book when you're done - use it as decoupage, make a hidden safe, or donate it to share the love of reading.
  • JC G. 6 months ago
    A room without books is like a body without a soul. -- Cicero
  • tommy b. 6 months ago
  • Celia R. 6 months ago
    I have books that have been in my family for over 100 years, including some early 20th century doodles of the fashions of the day. They have been read and enjoyed for four generations. There’s a place for paper books and a place for ebooks.
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