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How does recycling fit into closed-loop manufacturing?

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How does recycling fit into closed-loop manufacturing?
Closed-loop manufacturing seeks to recover as much material resources as possible for remanufacture.
  • It isn't a part of it
  • It's an essential part of bringing resources back to manufacturers
  • It's the second stage in the closed-loop cycle
  • It helps ensure products are reused by second owners
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  • Valerie P. 2 years ago
    I am now unable to earn points for my curbside recycling due to Philadelphia PA no longer participates with the rewards points system. How can I get my curbside recycling counted ?
  • Marcia W. 2 years ago
    If you can find a product that is already using recycled material and will also be recyclable, I think you're onto something.
  • tommy b. 2 years ago
    • Chris C. 2 years ago
      why keep spamming every post with "today" Are you mentally defective or just in need of attention? Seriously, get a life loser. Your childish behavior is not appreciated here.
  • Barbara W. 2 years ago
    I have never heard the term "closed loop" but am aware of the concept.
  • Kate M. 3 years ago
    Buy a bottle of soda - - drink it - - put bottle in recycle bin - - sent to place to be refined - - made into a bottle - - back on the shelf to be sold as soda.