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How can seeking out local produce help the environment? 5

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How can seeking out local produce help the environment?
Supporting local farms and businesses also strengthens your local economy.
  • Buying local reduces the miles a truck must drive to deliver it
  • Local farms use less fertilizer
  • Buying local ensures diverse crops
  • Buying local reduces the amount of water used in farming
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  • John O. 13 days ago
    This is a good shop for organic produce
  • June S. 14 days ago
    My local produce stand is open about 9 months out of the year; closed from just before Christmas until the end of March. I hate those 3 months when I have to get all of my produce at grocery stores. Some of the grocery stores try to stock produce from within 100 miles of the store, but that's not always an option. Looking forward to my local produce stand opening in a couple of weeks! It is definitely a bonus that the produce is loose in bins and I can select which pieces I want and how many of each I want. I hate having to buy a 5 lb. bag of potatoes and having half of them sprouted before they are all used. I carry my own reusable grocery bags and use them, so there is no packaging waste on my part.
    • Bonnie R. 14 days ago
      The last time I read the government regulations as to labeling, the 2008 Food, Conservation and Energy Act, the definition of being able to label locally or regionally produced specified less than 400 miles... To me and many others, that can be several States away. Ask if you're spending extra and thinking it's only 100 miles.
    • June S. 13 days ago
      Harris Teeter actually lists the city and state where the produce was grown. Lowe's Foods specifically advertises that they source locally within 100 miles when available I believe.
  • Suzanne S. 14 days ago
    Locally grown produce requires less packaging, and the carbon footprint is minimal when compared to food shipped, flown, or trucked from far distant places.
  • VICKI R. 14 days ago
    I love to shop for local produce. We have a couple of farms that also have a market place and you can't get it any closer or fresher, especially during watermelon season.