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Does Tea Have A Larger Water Footprint Than Coffee?

By Recyclebank |

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Does tea have a larger water footprint than coffee?
While we all love our caffeine, the way we consume it can impact how large our water footprint is. 
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  • tommy b. 15 days ago
  • Arthur M. 19 days ago
    No questions of the Day for 28-29. Guess the intern is off. Sure hope someone learns how to program these again.
  • Barbara W. 19 days ago
    I did not see a Q of the day for the 28 & 29 of May ? Any one else miss these 2 days?
    Maybe they will catch up soon.......! The Question of the Day is my FAVORITE think & So useful .
    • Barbara W. 18 days ago
      I didn't mean to start a riff, only to say "I noticed ". It is my favorite thing on the site and so useful. Hope we can continue to have it. PLEASE!
    • Barbara W. 18 days ago
      It takes someone who really knows their stuff to write these questions, I certainly couldn't do it. We ALL need to show respect to each other.