Live Green and Earn Points


  • Chris J. 3 months ago
    While not technically "at a park or on a hike," we put out plates of food every night for the urban critters (possums and raccoons) that live in our neighborhood. Left over cat food, table scraps, cheese and eggs that are slightly beyond their "use by date." The food gets a "second use," the animals love it, and we thoroughly enjoy watching them eat their meals!
  • George J. 3 months ago
    Walk to work if you can't afford the bus because of the fine for littering. Maybe that will sink in.
  • tommy b. 3 months ago
  • Sonny S. 3 months ago
    Happy 10 points everyone but the guy who gave his to the friendly animal.
    • Robin R. 3 months ago
      I thought that was cute! When we got up this morning, we found that a FRIENDLY bear (HA HA) brought a bag of garbage from one of the neighbors, up on our lawn. chewed it all apart looking for food. Early morning was pick up. This bear is a nuisance, but cute!