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Can you recycle "biodegradable" plastic curbside?

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Can you recycle "biodegradable" plastic curbside?
Check with your hauler. Some MRFs are set up to sort biodegradable plastic, while many are not. In systems not set up for it, biodegradable plasitic is a contaminant. 
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  • John D. 1 year ago
    Looks like EARN POINTS is RIP.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Gina L. 2 years ago
    Yes, several cities do accept many different types of plastics. However, you must check with your hauler what is allowed in your city. Make sure to ask the same at least twice a year. Many recycle companies change their policy with the wind..mainly due to equipment.
  • Mark M. 2 years ago
    Several cities accept all plastic cups and containers curbside, even biodegradable.