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Can electronics be recycled in curbside bins? 5

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Can electronics be recycled in curbside bins?
Electronics are made from mixed components, so they likely need to be taken to specialty e-waste recycling centers that separate them properly.
  • Most likely not, but they can be recycled elsewhere
  • No, electronics must be trashed
  • Yes, but only remote controls and cords
  • Yes, but only wireless electronics
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  • john h. 1 year ago
    sometimes Best Buy will pay for your used electronics. On the website you can check a lot of newer items for value and/or some will give you a discount on new electronics. HP currently gives 15% off a new printer if you recycle an old one at Best Buy.
  • Joy Lynn W. 1 year ago
    No. Some communities have annual recycling programs for these items. Also Best Buy accepts some electronics for recycling.
  • angela n. 1 year ago
    generally no unless your community has a special program