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Can colored paper be recycled?

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Can colored paper be recycled?
While very dark or bright-colored paper cannot be recycled because of their saturated colors, pastel paper, and paper that is white inside when ripped, are both recyclable.
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  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Gerald B. 1 year ago
    Thank you BenD. I take this subject seriously and appreciate getting some information. I'll presume paper is recyclable if the dark color is on only one side. That helps a lot.
  • Gerald B. 1 year ago
    This issue is a maka me craazy. How much does it count that my recycler's (single-stream!) instructions accept cardboard and paper without any restrictions involving color? What about magazines, which often have very dark pages inside, or boxes with black paper skin? I'm gonna lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead and continue to follow my recycler's guide.
    • BenD@Recyclebank 1 year ago

      Don't worry too much. Junk mail and magazines are all still recyclable. It's only the relatively rare paper that is dyed all the way through that can cause problems.

  • Barbara W. 1 year ago
    Nothing special for Easter..... except colored paper???
  • erica m. 1 year ago
    Do you mean COLOR paper? Not paper a kid has colored. Confusing question.
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