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Are lightbulbs recyclable curbside?

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Are light bulbs recyclable curbside?
Light bulbs are not recyclable curbside, and, depending on the type, they may be considered houshold-hazardous waste (HHW).
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  • chris d. 12 days ago
    I take my bulbs and batteries to home depot
  • Chris J. 13 days ago
    You can drop off unbroken CFLs at any Lowe's store and they will recycle them. They also accept rechargeable batteries and plastic bags, among other items. If you care to read about all of their recycling programs please check this link:
  • Audrey N. 13 days ago
    I can’t remember the last time a light bulb went out now that I switched to the new kind.
  • Catherine T. 13 days ago
    My workplace offers recycling of light bulbs so I bring them to work for recycling.
  • tommy b. 13 days ago
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