Live Green and Earn Points


  • Steven C. 3 months ago
    Remember, if aerosol cans are accepted by your recycler, you do not have to puncture the can. Just be sure that it is empty and that the can didn't contain something hazardous that won't be accepted by your recycler.
  • Sharon A. 3 months ago
    What I do I do from the Heart . One for all and All for one . ONE WORLD
  • Jane D. 3 months ago
    We need to learn more. It seems their are more aerosol cans than ever. E
    At 66 that,s saying something.
  • Jane D. 3 months ago
    My Grandson is a Chemical Engenere. He is working as a Material Scientist. I get a lot of good information from him. He is 23 and only 3 hours away, but sometimes it is like he lives in England !
  • Elizabeth W. 3 months ago
    Only certain aerosol cans may be recycled.
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