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  • Aleva M. 3 years ago
    I love sweet potatoes with curry chicken.
  • Patricia B. 3 years ago
    love sweet potatoes just baked in the skins
  • Meg P. 7 years ago
    BTW, yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing, or even the same family. I always look for Red Garnet Yams, which are far superior to any sweet potato I have ever met. I bake them until the juices run out, then whatever is more than we need for "the meal" I freeze in portion sizes, for left overs or just great eating. They definitely do not keep 4 weeks! What a disaster that would be! Rotted ends and lost flavor. Yams do not need butter or syrup or broth! They are delicious and juicy just as they are. And the skins are equally delicious and probably have tons of needed nutrients. More and more stores are carrying Yams these days, even out here in "fly over country."
  • net c. 7 years ago
    I slice them 2
  • A B. 7 years ago
    I slice them thin, roast them in the oven or a cast iron frying pan over the grill. It's yummy
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