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  • Karen K. 6 years ago
    saute your favorite veggies -- perhaps, onions, peppers, ... . Then use same pan for chicken or other meat. THEN place inside length-wise cleaned of seeds spaghetti squash. I place in micro wave for 10+ minutes - based on size. some add water to dish that squash sits in, I don't. After appropriate time, if desired, add some cheese on top, cook till its melts. ENJOY!! I have added rosemary to my mix and it tastes greaat; of course!
  • John H. 6 years ago
    A GREAT and colorful dish is using the spaghetti squash in you chicken Alfredo. The squash along with the fresh peas and carrots, diced chicken, and a creamy roqufort sauce. is a stunning in appearance as it is in taste.
  • Barbara B. 6 years ago
    I've even frozen cooked spaghetti squash because it does not loose its crispness. I love it with spaghetti sauce and cheese.
  • Sue C. 6 years ago
    Thank you Amy for this post. I've been eager to try spaghetti squash. Reading this post gives me more reason to try it.
  • Terry M. 6 years ago
    forgo the sauce and add salt, pepper, butter and parmesan cheese...delicious!!!
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