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Market Haul: Red Cabbage

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Red cabbage is crispy, bright, and packed with healthy vitamins and fiber.

I love canning. From preserves and chutneys to sauces and pickles, canning is a fantastic way to extend the shelf life of farm-fresh produce. Plus, if you slap a cute label on the jar, canned concoctions are a perfect gift for dinner parties and housewarmings. Lately, a friend has been hounding me for some homemade coleslaw, and since she invited me to dinner this weekend, I am excited to try my hand at making red cabbage slaw.

Why red cabbage slaw? While all types of cabbage are packed with fiber and nutrients, red cabbage actually has ten times more vitamin A as green cabbage, plus twice as much iron.

How to choose it
When you pick up your cabbage, it should feel dense and heavy for its size. Opt for a tight, compact head with as few loose leaves as you can find.

How to use it
Cabbage is relatively easy to cook with and can complement a wide range of dishes. I plan to make this pickled cabbage slaw this weekend. This recipe for red cabbage with apple and onion makes a great, healthy side dish and pairs well with turkey, chicken or pork. Go international with recipes for blaukraut (German), braised red cabbage (Chinese), tacos (Mexican) and salad (Thai), each of which matches the leafy vegetable with its own regional spices and ingredients.

How to store it
Whole, uncut heads of cabbage can keep for a couple of weeks in the crisper drawer of the fridge. In general, the tighter and more compact the leaves, the longer the cabbage will last.

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Are you a fan of red cabbage? Share your favorite recipes below.

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  • A B. 5 years ago
    We put thinly sliced cabbage in soup
  • Tanya R. 5 years ago
    I like red cabbage in my salad as long as its thinly cut.
  • joanna l. 5 years ago
    I love red cabbage cut really thin (almost shaved) and put in a salad with carrots, lettuce and sunflower seeds! dress with cold pressed safflower oil and sea salt....yum Just the best!