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Market Haul

Market Haul: Raspberries

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The season for summer berries is all too brief, so enjoy them while you can!

In terms of produce, raspberries are a win-win; they are exceptionally delicious and bursting with nutrients like fiber and Vitamin C. While most consumers are familiar with red raspberries, these fruits actually come in more than 200 varieties, including black, purple, blue, and even yellow. They are perfect for baking, garnishing, or just eating by the handful. Personally, I am such a fan of these flavorful clusters that I will even put up with getting their tiny seeds stuck in my teeth.

How to choose them
Raspberries stop ripening once they're picked, so choose batches that look fully ripe at the farmers' market. They should be plump, brightly colored, and slightly soft. Avoid berries that are mushy or moldy. Also note that raspberries are extremely delicate, so once you buy them, handle with care.

How to use them
The sweet flavor of raspberries makes these fruits perfect for desserts of all types. Raspberries pair fantastically with chocolate, and this raspberry chocolate cake is a great example. Raspberries are a great addition to refreshing alcoholic drinks, or you can even toss a handful into a pitcher of water to add some sweetness and nutrition.

How to store them
Unfortunately, raspberries don't keep for a long time, but if you store them correctly, they should last 2-3 days in the refrigerator. To prolong the shelf life of your berries, don't wash them until you're ready to eat or cook them. Before you store your raspberries, pick out any pieces that are moldy or bruised. Place the remaining pieces into a shallow plastic container, cover with a lid, and place the whole package in the fridge.

Alternatively, you can freeze your haul for up to a year. If you choose this route, wash the berries in cold water and freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Once they're frozen, transfer them to an airtight plastic container for easy storage.

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Do you have any tips for choosing, using, or storing raspberries? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Amy Gordon
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  • Elizah L. 5 years ago
    Keep fresh raspberries DRY!! By blotting them to remove all condensation in the package and then storing them in the coldest part of your refrigerator, they tend to last longer. I also heard that if you rinse them in a white vinegar/water solution, potential mold spores are killed, which ultimately extends the life of fresh raspberries (but I haven't tested that theory personally). In my experience, I only wash fresh raspberries immediately before I plan to eat them since moisture can lead to decomposition.
  • Debra B. 5 years ago
    My mom grows them and then we freeze. When ready and have the time, I make the best freezer jam ever! Share with mom, sisters, and my 2 kids! Taste of fresh raspberries all year long!
  • becky p. 5 years ago
    I did not know they did not ripen after picking them. I love red raspberries.
  • Donna C. 5 years ago
    They are a little mushy when they thaw, but still good in smoothies, stirred in yogurt, over ice cream. You can use to make your own syrup. Lots of ways to use.
  • Sue C. 5 years ago
    Hello Amy ,

    Great photo of raspberries. Seeing that photo kind of gets me wanting to buy some and put them into a delicious dessert. I've found that raspberries that are brought home fresh from the supermarket have only a three day shelf life. Like you mentioned in your post they are highly perishable. However; I've never frozen any which may be a good idea. thank you for the tips on storing them.