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  • Elizah L. 5 years ago
    Keep fresh raspberries DRY!! By blotting them to remove all condensation in the package and then storing them in the coldest part of your refrigerator, they tend to last longer. I also heard that if you rinse them in a white vinegar/water solution, potential mold spores are killed, which ultimately extends the life of fresh raspberries (but I haven't tested that theory personally). In my experience, I only wash fresh raspberries immediately before I plan to eat them since moisture can lead to decomposition.
  • Debra B. 5 years ago
    My mom grows them and then we freeze. When ready and have the time, I make the best freezer jam ever! Share with mom, sisters, and my 2 kids! Taste of fresh raspberries all year long!
  • becky p. 5 years ago
    I did not know they did not ripen after picking them. I love red raspberries.
  • Donna C. 5 years ago
    They are a little mushy when they thaw, but still good in smoothies, stirred in yogurt, over ice cream. You can use to make your own syrup. Lots of ways to use.
  • Sue C. 5 years ago
    Hello Amy ,

    Great photo of raspberries. Seeing that photo kind of gets me wanting to buy some and put them into a delicious dessert. I've found that raspberries that are brought home fresh from the supermarket have only a three day shelf life. Like you mentioned in your post they are highly perishable. However; I've never frozen any which may be a good idea. thank you for the tips on storing them.