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  • chris j. 6 years ago
    I just took the seeds from pomegranates I used for a holiday decoration with pinecones in a pretty bowl. They are still great after months of display on my entry table. I love them with plain greek yogurt or hot oatmeal.
  • Andrea O. 6 years ago
    I have to hide the fruit in my house lol
  • Juanita A. 6 years ago
    my husband has taught my kids to eat it with a squeeze of a lime on it and a sprinkle of salt. soooo good!
  • Juanita A. 6 years ago
    agree with m.c. below.
    The white stuff in the pom fruit rise to the top of the water. I have one of those salad spinner containers(basically a colander insidea bowl) Lift out and you have seeds and no water.
  • m c. 6 years ago
    deseed under water--NO STAINS. fill container with water. put fruit in container. Cut fruit under water. manipulate fruit to get seeds out--not sure if MS method of hitting fruit will work underwater. Seeds sink to bottom of container. put seeds in container then enjoy whenever. did I mention, NO STAINS?!
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