Live Green and Earn Points


  • lisa p. 4 years ago
    Where I live, Southern California, we make swags of Pyracantha berries which are in bloom during the Holidays. Their red berries and green leaves are really lovely. However, even though one COULD make pyracantha jam, one SHOULDN'T unless one has a knowledgeable cook with them the first time. Why? The berries, like all fruits in the rose & apple families, carry seeds with concentrated doses of arsenic among other bad things. Pyracantha is cooked down after frist washing well and once cooked, it is wrung thru cheesecloth to catch the skins and seeds which are bad for ya. Then since the berry is full of pectin (pucker up time!), southwestern cooks add loads of applejuice concentrate or white grape juice and then flavor the jam further with chili flakes of actual hot peppers. Chili flakes work better. So if you don't have a dog, make natural Pyracantha berry displays is safe anf eco-friendly. Some people call it Fire Thorn Berry as well, In srping, the bushes abound with white flowers which become the red berries later. Birds eat the berries and nest in the thorny treees, especially mockingbirds. Happy holidays
  • Gerald B. 5 years ago
    Mistletoe grows in abundance on the Maple trees in our yard in Virginia... lots of opportunities for a kiss.
  • Sherie O. 6 years ago
    great idea